Well, it happened…

LoSU school founder's daughter talking with Chris of Piedmont Smokehouse.

LoSU school founder’s daughter talking with Chris of Piedmont Smokehouse.

Within minutes of publishing our first press release and sending it off to the local Richmond news outlets, we got an email from NBC 12’s Allison Norlian for an interview in just a few day’s time! Huge shout out to Cheryl Tan Media, as when that call came, we were ready! We would not have been if it had not been for the wonderful advice and coaching Cheryl offered.

There were a couple of details we had to work out. First, Allison wanted an interested family/student and a teacher. Of course, Chris of Piedmont Smokehouse had to be there as well, since it was his generous donation that started this whole process! And, as we do not have a contract on our school’s dream property just yet, we had to find a similar venue for the interview. Over the next few days, everything fell into place and our contact with Lloyd’s Family Farm for a backdrop seems to be as fortuitous as the rest of these.

The interview process with Allison and her photographer went so smoothly. She was awesome at putting everyone at ease and keeping it all so light and conversational. We were all surprised when she let us know she would be airing the interview at 5:30 that same day! And sure enough, it was ready to go and starting to show up on the internet before 3pm. We all collected at the home of our head teacher/curriculum developer for a previewing over pizza.

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