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LSUHS February 2019 Events!

What’s new at LSUHS? This month we are launching two new classes and our signature youth conservation project! In addition, we are attending 3 VSU farm workshops this month!  STEM Courses We are offering the following STEM classes for LSUHS students and the homeschooling community. These 12 week classes will occur on Tuesdays through May. Our advanced students will also serve as guides “It is Rocket Science” based on the NASA “Rockets Educator Guide” Youth will explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as well as some advanced mathematics as they build and experiment with rocket projects.  “Ocean Exploration” based on the...

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LoSU HAS A HOME! We have found a beautiful farm just off of Route 60 through Powhatan. At over 100 acres, the new farm offers a mix of pasture, woodland, cleared timber, creeks, and a large pond. Our first through third year students will have an amazing opportunity to work with school staff as well as USDA specialists and engineers in the design and site planning for the farm and school. We will be moving to the farm in June with events to begin taking place on the farm starting in July and going through the summer! STAY TUNED...

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A Farm School – an idea takes shape

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #d1242c;”]F[/dropcap]or many years, I have harbored the desire to start a school and a passion to help kids find direction.  I began working towards a Masters in Education and as I took education classes that focused on the rising difficulties of classroom management and remedial education, I realized more and more the call for an education reform. There is a very real need for positive alternatives to meet the learning requirements of those children that do not fit into this mold we call public education. Meanwhile, there is an ever growing population of children who...

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Richmond News NBC12 – our first TV interview!

Well, it happened… Within minutes of publishing our first press release and sending it off to the local Richmond news outlets, we got an email from NBC 12’s Allison Norlian for an interview in just a few day’s time! Huge shout out to Cheryl Tan Media, as when that call came, we were ready! We would not have been if it had not been for the wonderful advice and coaching Cheryl offered. There were a couple of details we had to work out. First, Allison wanted an interested family/student and a teacher. Of course, Chris of Piedmont Smokehouse had to be there...

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Self Taught Reader

In the middle of a farm task, my cell buzzes with a message from my daughter. “Thomas has something to show you. He’s really excited.” I came to a logical stopping point on the project and headed inside. My two children were sitting at the dining room table, across from each other, beaming. In front of Thomas was a Dr. Suess book, “Green Eggs and Ham.” “Go ahead. Show her.” came Eryn’s encouragement. Thomas picked up the book, read the title page and proceeded to read the entire book, pausing here and there to work out the words. This happens...

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