I see it again and again on forums and in blog and Facebook comments – the stresses of parents freaking out over curriculum and their ability to “teach.”

“I can’t teach math!” seems to be a recurring story, along with writing and various other frets. “I don’t understand this curriculum, how can I teach it?”

I have two words: STOP IT!

One of the most important elements to enjoyable homeschooling is loosing the notion that you are a teacher. That’s right, you heard me. Leave the teaching to the teachers in the school you are working to distance yourself and your child from.

You are a GUIDE for someone embarking on a fantastic expedition.

What does that mean? Well, here’s the definition of a guide.


noun \ˈgīd\

: a person who leads or directs other people on a journey

: a person who shows and explains the interesting things in a place

: a person who helps to direct another person’s behavior, life, career, etc.


Know that you are leading your child on a learning journey that, if done correctly, will endure their entire lives. Your mission in this is not to lecture or teach but simply to ask questions, encourage more questions on their part, and provide or allow the resources that help them find the answers to those questions. A child’s curiosity is an amazing thing. All you need to do is encourage it and watch in wonder as your child absorbs and learns all on their own in amazing ways.

If you need some inspiration on child-driven education watch this TED video: Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education
I urge you to let go of the notion of needing to teach your child and your fears that you will miss something or that your child is not going to match up to the government standards. Let it go and watch your child’s imagination, curiosity and love for learning explode in exponential growth!