Resi Connell

Terry Connell

I’m Terry and like my father, I am a classic “renaissance (wo)man.” While my education and work backgrounds are incredibly varied, I’m discovering now that the seemingly winding path I’ve wondered all these years was actually connected and all those bits and pieces are coming together in unbelievable ways. Those bits and pieces include education in marine science, communication design, architecture, art, photography, education and multimedia development. Over the past 20 years I focused my experience on developing marketing materials, education outreach, distance learning applications, and alternative learning methods as well as teaching. And, my career in developing educational products spans several large government organizations including the State Department, NASA, Navy Medicine and NOAA and large not-for-profit organizations such as the American Chemistry Society.

I have a life-long love of the outdoors and experience leading children and adults on many outdoor adventures – hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding. I’ve organized and led day trips as well as overnight excursions by horse, bike and kayak/canoe and I use these opportunities to share information about watersheds, geology, and any other topic that relates to the setting or adventure.

With the help of an incredibly supportive husband, I currently homeschool our two children (8 and 13 years old) on a farm in the beautiful Virginia piedmont. We started our homeschooling journey in the traditional sense – bringing school home. And, like many out there who venture into this, struggled with finding the “right” curriculum and with children who simply were not happy. As we progressed in the journey, my adventuresome life experiences began to lead the way and slowly we left the curriculum and the work table behind.  Seeing the results of my own children and sharing in the success and stories of others who are forging their own unschooling paths, I began another journey of my own – finishing my degrees in education.

It is my passion now to help others cross this bridge, to foster a holistic approach to education and to lead an education reform in our public schools.

So how can I help you?