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The Farm School Gains Momentum!

It’s been a crazy week here at the farm. Really crazy! We are in the final year of our lease on this beautiful farm in Culpeper and looking to make some major decisions about our future. As we formulate the plans and requirements necessary to bring our farm-school to fruition, we have come to accept that this location and the current amenities on this farm do not fit our growing needs. Realizing that we have just under a year to find a place, secure funding and move, we decided we would begin what we thought would be a lengthy search. Well,...

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Why child-centered learning?

We come into this world with a strong, innate desire to explore and learn. Think about it. How difficult is it to keep that toddler still? To keep him out of trouble? We are born explorers and we learn from everything! Follow that with adult life and work, where, again, if we want to learn something, we learn because we are interested in it. Interested in getting a better job, or a particular process or learning another skill. We then focus our energy on learning and making that happen. Life is learning, we do it everyday. And, even more...

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Guiding, Not Teaching

I see it again and again on forums and in blog and Facebook comments – the stresses of parents freaking out over curriculum and their ability to “teach.” “I can’t teach math!” seems to be a recurring story, along with writing and various other frets. “I don’t understand this curriculum, how can I teach it?” I have two words: STOP IT! One of the most important elements to enjoyable homeschooling is loosing the notion that you are a teacher. That’s right, you heard me. Leave the teaching to the teachers in the school you are working to distance yourself and your...

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Why Detox?

The what and why… Detox may not be the most appropriate word for this but it seems to have taken a hold in the industry. Its not that school is necessarily ‘toxic” and you have to check your child (or yourself) into the Betty Ford Clinic or go to AA meetings to recover from it. Detoxing, or deschooling as it is also referred to, is simply a period during which the student is free to be themselves, to explore and to relax into an understanding that their new path is about learning in the real world versus having disconnected...

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The winding road to unschooling

Like many who are homeschooling or are thinking about it, I headed down this path for several reasons. Regardless, of what lies behind that decision, we all have one worthy goal in mind – to foster a love of learning in our children and to help them develop the tools and knowledge they will need as adults. While one of my biggest frustrations was the methods of institutional instruction, I did exactly what so many others before and after me have done and continue to do – I simply brought school home. I followed the school routine exactly. It was, after all, what...

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